the job is done, the bitch is dead

the job is done, the bitch is dead


can we start a club for teenagers who were constantly complimented on their intelligence when they were younger and are now having trouble coping with the realization that they’re actually of average intellect at best

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Cinque Terre | Italy (by Lizandro Chrestenzen)

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London Eye, London | England (by Dear Leila | On Tumblr)

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The ultimate Caskett kissing post

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-by E
this one could use a name, if anyone has any suggestions 

#he loves moments like this #both of them satiated #coming down from a delicious high #sometimes she doesn’t roll off of him #so he holds her to his chest #his body bearing her weight #he loves the pressure #loves how she surrounds him #they just lay there #revel in each others company #time passing as their hot skin slowly cools #and their rapid breaths return to normal #he likes to draw his fingers up and down her spine #as her arms hug him #waits for the moment he feels her drift off to sleep #these are the moments he carries with him #how she feels against him #how at peace he feels with her wrapped in his arms #and how they have the rest of their lives to live out moments like this #over and over again (via tellme0urstory)

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[15/15] Kate Beckett closeups

The hair-porn guys, just look at the hair-porn.

But this is the when Sophia mentions Castle’s father. Look how concerned she is for him. Like is this news something he can handle? Especially coming from a woman who had just betrayed him so much? She goes from full on cop mode, trying to figure out how to get them out of this to concerned for her partner. The unspoken love of her life. You can see the exact moment his father is brought up. She immediately looks at Castle, hoping he’ll be okay but knowing it’s far from where he is now.

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And in the end the best you can hope for is to find a place to make a stand. And if you’re very lucky, you will find someone willing to stand with you.

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When did you write this? What, like 3 years ago.

My feels are aplenty.

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